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Learn in a classroom.

If you want structured learning in a fun group, then our classroom sessions are great choice. Join an existing group, or create your own group and enjoy great discounts and benefits.

Private Lessons.

Structured learning not your style, or do you need a more flexible schedule to suit your busy life? No worries. We can create a customised learning plan with  flexible session times.

Lots of Free Stuff

Help With Your Homework?

Remember, the staff are English teachers. Just come in, sit down, and ask. Anytime!

Not one of our students?

That doesn’t matter to us. Even if your studying at another English school, you’re welcome here. Visit Boston Lager any time for all the free English practice you have the time for.

Just want to talk?

So do we. You’re always guaranteed to find native English-speakers here. Practice is free!

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Immersion English learning in Japan.

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